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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Virgin Brazilian Wax Experience

I always told myself that there are some things that are meant to tried once in a lifetime and of course, within my budgets.
I wanted to try waxing since I was teenager but I was afraid I cannot handle the pain and embarrass myself. So I kept to the traditional and easy way, trimming and shaving.
But there are really disadvantages in trim and shave.
The hair seems to be more bushy and thicker. I would not had mind but under a hot weather like Singapore, it is just so horrible.
I actually developed rashes which I think was due to the weather. That was when I decided to go for waxing.

I searched online for more information about Brazilian waxing, but nothing really helps to my curiosity of how the waxing goes. Then off I go to search for a waxing shop in Singapore and hoping to avoid inexperience therapist.
I came across this, Strip - Ministry of Waxing. I go thru the comments about Strip in their facebook page and found that the comments are not bad. Only for certain outlet that the services are badly remark.
I went on to find out their pricing which they have stated clearly in their webpage.
Here a portion of the price list. There are also waxing services for other part of the body which I did not post here. Below are only pricing for Brazilian.

I even came across this promotion. www.stripsummer.com which you get to do Brazilian waxing for only S$35.00. You can purchase online and printout or just go down to any outlet and show them you want to go for Lemon Lem-Off. Promotion ends 30th September 2015.

Anyway, I did purchased this Lemon Lem-Off and thinking that I gave up halfway I won't feel so heartpain for the money I paid. LOL.
I booked my appointment at Westgate outlet, which was opened recently. I wasted no time and booked the earliest date I can get.
As Westgate outlet was new, everything looks new and makes me feel comfy. I was quite embarrass when I entered the shop. Luckily my daughter Belle came along with me. HAHA

I was pretty nervous when it was my turn. I was led into a very small room with only a bed and a build-in cabinet.
My therapist name Crystal, politely told me to remove my lower clothing and wipe clean my private area with the disposable wiper placed on the bed.
She left the room to give me privacy.
I quickly removed my short and panty, placed it inside the cupboard, do what I was told to and lay down on the bed covering myself with an towel.
The therapist came in a while later and show me how to open up and bended my legs for a better waxing. It might be because I had been seen by doctors that I don't really feel that embarrassed. I think if the therapist as a doctor.
Then went the waxing. The wax was actually hot, not warm but hot and bearable. I was really nervous about the pain.
They started out from the sides before closing in to the middle. Pain was bearable for me. The therapist advised that middle are the most painful experience. It's true.
It went on very fast. Around 15 mins later it was done. Even the back too... They even go through once more using tweezer to remove those that are not remove.
At the end there are an optional post wax treatment which cost around S$5.00 that will be apply on the waxed area.
There are also post wax care creams available for purchase!

This Ingrown Hair Cream are what as it says, to prevent ingrown hair which can cause irritation and infection.
Ice Cream soothe the wax area if rashes or irritation are occur.

Well, the services are not bad, except for the ways they trying to promote their credit package. I did indeed bought the package as I hate those hair poking out all over the place. HAHA.
It was indeed more cooling and less irritating after the waxing as the weather in Singapore are hot hot hot thru out the year.
I would say the pain is 6/10 if giving birth natural pain is 10/10. :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Quit smoking Final Entry

As previous entries, I had finally succeeded in quitting smoking. I am overwhelmed with joy!!
Finally, after so many unsuccessful tries, I managed to get rid of the smoke, but in return I also gain something I am scare of. 
Weight gain. 

From 49 kg to 53 kg in just 3 months.
I was really really very depress about this.
I know that quit smoking can actually gain weight but never expect it to gain so much.
Most of my pants and shorts are too small for me. 
Now after quit smoking, it's time to lose weight too...

I used to go for a run few times a week. After I settle down to an office hour job, I actually got no time for running. I don't really like late night running and beside sometimes after dinner, I still got to supervises kids' homework. 
My exercises time was totally cut off. 
So for the last 3 months, no exercises, eat and eat, gain and gain.

Now I decided to cut away those fats and since I can't run, I decided to use skipping rope. 
It is also a good exercise for losing weight and I actually can just jump outside my corridor. 
No need too much time, 15 mins every day. 

I went to search for some videos on how to slim down using skipping rope.
Some techniques seem tough and I don't think we can actually skip for so long for starter.
But it is a good guide on what type of ways to jump you can learn.

So I am giving myself a 1 month probation period, to see I really did lose weight or not. Stay tune for my weight loss result!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Skinny Mint Teatox Review

I'm sure a lot of ladies by now should have heard of this Skinny Mint teatox.
I, myself accidentally found it online when I was looking for a tea detox for myself.
I realised that being a SAHM these few years makes me grow a few kgs... :'( and as I ages, my body ages too. They don't burn fats like young body do anymore.

Anyway, I saw this blogger which I forgot who doing this review and so I went to search for Skinny Mint website.
I hardly believe what they written when I read those testimonials and reviews at the website.
I was like "sure or not" attitude.
How does a simple tea actually makes you slim down without even exercise?
After thinking through, I decided to try it out myself.
I thought since I'm going to buy a tea detox, I might as well try this.

And so I ordered my first Skinny mint online.
The delivery service was not bad.
They actually delivered the next working day which is fast! But one thing I was really confused was why I got charged S$70.46 instead of the purchasing price S$69.90 since delivery was FOC.
I never really went to find out why.

There are 2 types of teas in Skinny Mint tea detox.
Morning boost and Night cleanse.
Everyday you took a cup of Morning boost before or during breakfast.
As for Night cleanse, you took it once in 2 nights, after your last meal of the day.

So what are we drinking into our body everyday?
There are 8 main powerful ingredients in the tea bags.

Morning Boost
Green Tea - energizing, fat burning, immunity boosting
Yerba Mate - Stimulating, curb appetite, boosts metabolism
Nettle Leaves - antioxidant, natural diuretic, rids constipation
Dandelion - antioxidant, nutrifying, digestive
Guarana Fruit - Cleansing, endurance, weight lose
Grapefruit Leaves - cleansing, immunity improving, fat reduction
Strawberries - antioxidant, brain food, fat burning
Pineapples - nutrifying, digestive, antioxidant

Night Cleanse
Ginger Root - anti-bloating, digestive aid, aphrodisiac
Orange Leaves - rids constipation, sleep aid, smooth skin
Lemongrass - relaxant, pain relief, anti-bacterial
Senna Leaves - natural laxative, anti-bloating, weight lose
Peppermint - anti-bloating, digestive and colic relief
Licorice Root - antacid, soothes menstrual cramps
Hawthorn Berries - Circulation, anti-anxiety, digestive
Psyllium Husk - natural laxative, promotes colon health

Morning boost also contain caffeine, so you can actually quit drinking coffee in the morning and drink morning boost tea to start your day.

After my 28 days, seriously I don't feel any change in my size at all.
I went to have my weight taken and it did not decrease at all.
I thought I got scammed. It didn't worked.
But I still want to see whether is it really not working and so I took photos of myself.
Luckily I had taken photos of myself before I started drinking the tea.
And this is what happened.

Can you believe it?
Although I didn't lost my weight at all.
You can see that my tummy really did slim down.
And as you know I was still in quit smoking mode, my appetite really, really increased.
I always feel hungry during this past month.
But I still managed to tone down my tummy!! Yeah!!!

And so after my 28 days teatox programme, I continue to buy Morning boost as I need to stop Night cleanse for 1 month for my body to rest.

So if you want to slim down in a healthier way, try Skinny Mint Teatox out and see the amazing result!!!